The Haunting of Ghost Asylum – paperback


The unforgivable sin. An ex-minister. A created savior. The war between heaven and hell has begun…

With a past shrouded in secrets and a future hidden in lies, a supernatural force awakes within the small town of Redemption that threatens to undo even creation itself.

Once a minister, now a man lost in his faith, the last thing Nathan Hanlin wants is to be embroiled in a supernatural war that has nothing to do with him.

Or does it?

Being called the Protector of the human race is too unreal, and finding out he’s half-angel/demon only makes things more insane. So when his whole world collapses, Nathan does the only thing he can do…he runs.

Except, there are supernatural beings on his trail, so there’s nowhere he can hide, especially in a town like Redemption, which no longer feels like home for him.

Redemption used to be a sleepy town with one stop sign and one diner, and now it’s the center of a war between the Guardians and the Protectors.

At its core is Nathan and he’s tasked with undoing a mistake someone else made before time began. Can he?


In my hometown, there’s a haunted asylum.

I know what you’re thinking…is it really haunted?
My brother thought so. Thirty years ago, he went there with his best friend, and only one of them came home alive.

What happened that night has haunted me ever since.

I went to school to become a parapsychologist – I study apparitional experiences and determine if ghosts are real – all because of my brother.
It’s been ten years since I’ve last been home, but now I’m headed back with my team, Gabriel, a former TV psychic, and Riley, a student of mine with an addiction to ghost-hunting reality shows. Together, we’re heading to Ghost Asylum to determine if what happened that night thirty years ago was really a paranormal experience or just a horrific tragedy.

Personally, I think it’s a tragedy…until there’s been another disappearance.
That’s when I learn the truth – there is true evil living within Ghost Asylum and if I’m not careful, coming face to face with that evil will cost me everything.

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