The Asylum Confessions: Serial Killers Hardcover


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They arrive alive. They always leave dead.
But first, they give me their confessions.

You know by now, my name is Jack Steen, and for those who arrive on my ‘death’ ward at the Asylum, I’m the last face many will see before they die. I am the night nurse at the Asylum for the Criminally Insane.

Most of my patients are serial killers and mass murderers, and they know me as the Angel of Death. They give me their confessions in exchange for a pain-free death – but there’s a catch. I want the real story, the one they haven’t told anyone else.

These killers are expert manipulators. I realize they could be playing with me and messing with my head. It’s a chance I’m willing to take.

And now…they might just be playing with yours too.

Inside this book are 4 DeathBed Confessions focused on serial killers:

Patient Karen – she’s not quite the church-going woman you’d want baking cupcakes
Patient Clinton – is officially color-blind except, in rare cases, he sees one bloody color
Patient Cori – is a psychotic carny and proud of it
Patient Sister Rose – she’s the ultimate Killer Sister

WARNING: There is swearing in this book. And some stories might be a trigger for something you have a hard time handling.

But, these ARE the confessions of serial killers, mass murderers and such, so what do you expect?

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